HMO Important Reminders

Post date: 2020 Jan 19 10:21 PM by KAJJ1 (Public)


For your first year, you are only covered for services under the list of DISEASES COVERED FROM THE FIRST YEAR OF MEMBERSHIP.



Pre-Existing Conditions (known or unknown to member) shall be covered after 12 consecutive months of membership. It is also stated that determining/ruling out of Pre-Existing Conditions during the first 12 months of membership is excluded in the policy (EXCLUSIONS #37 on the booklet). This means that if the assessment of the doctor falls under the Pre-Existing Conditions and member is under 12 months of membership, the member may only avail himself of the first consultation only from an accredited clinic. Other services like laboratory tests/procedures; follow-up checkups; confinement; etc. will not be covered yet. However, according to Carewell Health Benefits, it will be covered on the 13th month of membership.



For a member to avail of the confinement benefit, member is required to pay in full his/her total HMO Annual Fee. Payment shall be made before discharge from the hospital.


Member’s HMO anniversary month is SEPTEMBER. This means that member’s annual coverage is from SEPTEMBER to AUGUST next year. If member is admitted on the month of DECEMBER, to avail of the confinement benefit, member has to pay his/her total HMO fee for the months of JANUARY to AUGUST.



Due date of payment and endorsement to KAJJHSI is every 25th of the month (23rd for February and December) for your coverage next monthProof of payments should be received by KAJJHSI Head Office on the said dates. Proof of payments received by KAJJHSI Head Office after the due date shall be active the following Tuesday. In the event of non-payment of HMO fee on time, member has to pay arrears up to the present month for coverage to be active.


Due date for November coverage is on October 25. 



For payment and coverage details, please contact KAJJHSI:

Globe            - 0926-113-3500 Mon-Fri 10am to 5pm

Landline        - (02) 7507-9854 Mon-Fri 10am to 5pm

Messenger    - Kajj Hsi Mon-Fri 10am to 5pm

Email             - Mon-Fri 10am to 5pm


For benefit details, accredited providers, services denied, emergency, confinement, please directly call CAREWELL:

Sun        - (0932) 862-5697

Smart    - (0998) 988-4692

Globe    - (0917) 538-7499


(02) 3434-4868 Mon-Fri 8am to 06pm

(02) 8935-1237 Hotline 24/7

(02) 7796-6423 Hotline 24/7

(02) 8871-5586 Hotline 24/7


EASTWEST Account Name: KAJJ Health Solutions Inc. Account Number: 200021460458 BDO Account Name: Kurt G. Biare Account Number: 007030061087 BPI Account Name: Kurt G. Biare Account Number: 4129246826 GCash (payments less than P5,000) Account Name: Kurt G. Biare Account Number: 09261133500

*All service fees from banks, remittance centers, online transactions and GCash services will be shouldered by the member.

IMPORTANT: Please notify Head Office of your payments by sending a clear image or scanned copy of the deposit slip to Kajj Hsi messenger account or to The Company shall not be held liable for payments not reported to admin that may result to outdated record of member.