Post date: 2020 May 14 08:25 PM by KAJJ1 (Public)


 I hereby voluntarily apply for the privilege of being a member of KAJJ HEALTH SOLUTIONS INC. (KAJJHSI) as an independent Member. I understand and agree:

That, my membership does not make me, in any manner whatsoever, an employee or a representative of KAJJHSI or my agent.

That, KAJJHSI reserves the right to suspend, and even terminate my membership at any time due to my negligence, false claims, dishonesty, misrepresentation, unethical conduct, and direct or indirect violation of the existing policies and guidelines of the Company which is tantamount to a breach of this agreement.

That, KAJJHSI reserves the right to revoke, suspend, modify, or alter any or all of the terms and conditions of this agreement, the marketing plan, pricing and/or its supplements at any time during its effectivity for any reason KAJJHSI may find just, reasonable and fair for the advantage of its members and the purpose of protecting the welfare of the Company as a whole. Any updates or changes shall apply to all members.

That, KAJJHSI has the right to terminate my membership without prior notice if I pursue an illegal move or pattern that will destroy or damage the company’s marketing plan.

That, my Sponsor is permanent and cannot be changed for whatever reason(s) once this application has been accepted.

That, my Business Account(s) is renewable yearly. I am responsible in checking validity of my Business Account(s). And that, I shall pay my Membership and Systems Access Fee yearly.

That, my first PhP400 income for my Business Account shall be deducted as my Annual System Maintenance Fee.

That, KAJJHSI will only release income to active members thru check and fund transfer with a minimum total amount of Php1,000. Any amount credited to my inactive account of more than 60 days shall be forfeited.

That, I can only assign Insurance and HMO coverages to my relatives since I will be responsible  in informing them of their coverages, due dates and other related updates under my account.

That, the Insurance coverage and HMO shall only be enforced once a Certificate of Coverage/Policy No. has been issued to me.

That, the Insurance coverage has a two-year contestability period.

That, the effectivity of my HMO coverage shall be based on the following schedules: (One year pre-existing conditions exist.)

Payments received by and forwarded to KAJJHSI Head Office on the (until 5pm except on Sundays and holidays)

1st to 8th of the month – coverage shall be 11th to 30th/31st of the same month

9th to 28th of the month (26th for February) – coverage shall be 1st to 30th/31st of the following month

29th to 30th/31st (27th to 28th/29th for February) – coverage shall be 11th to 30th/31st of the following month

That, I shall get the Insurance/HMO benefits provided I have paid the premium for my coverage on the scheduled due date and has not lapsed.

That, in the event of non-payment of my premiums on time, I have to pay my arrears up to the present month for my coverage to be active.

That, my HMO will start anew if I am unable to update my premiums within 6 months from my last active month of coverage

That, KAJJHSI will not be held liable for services not provided for any reasons. I purchased the product because of the coverage and the services are only optional but not guaranteed.

That KAJJHSI will not be held liable for claims/benefits denied by the HMO/Insurance Provider and for changes in the schedule of benefits made by the HMO/Insurance Providers.

That, I have read and understood the Agreement, Guidelines & Procedures, Important Reminders, and that I agree to be bound by them.

That I agree to the collection, processing, use of and sharing with third party/ies the data that I will provide through this application form by KAJJHSI for the purpose of my becoming a member of KAJJHSI, and to enable KAJJHSI to process my HMO/Insurance coverage and provide my chosen products and services. I understand that the collection and use of this data, which may include sensitive personal information, shall be in accordance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012.